Guinea Girl

I have home raised Guinea Keets available for sale. I am a stay at home mom that has been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. This is why I got into Guineas! I wanted a natural, Pesticide free way to manage the ticks and bugs around our house and in our pastures to keep my family, pets and livestock safe.. Guineas were the answer! I love them so much and love how hard they work to keep the tick population down, that I decided to raise them!

Raising guinea keets has been a positive experience for me and my family. It is a great hobby that I very much enjoy. I enjoy helping others keep their homes free of ticks and garden bugs at bay!

Requiring minimal care, Guineas not only help control the tick population but they are wonderful at alerting you to people and animals that should not be there. They often will eat snakes and alert you of their presence!

I can fill orders from large to small, just give me a call!

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