Twigg Hollow Farms

We are a small family farm in Upson County. My husband and I are empty nesters, meaning we usually run the show. But at any given moment, you’ll likely find one of our six kids here, helping out either in the field or in the kitchen. There’s usually a stray grandkid or two roaming around, too. Usually looking for goodies to sneak or an animal to snuggle.

We grow our produce according to the USDA’s guidelines for organic production, just without the added expense of certification. Everything is planted, weeded, and harvested by hand. We use natural concepts like crop rotation, composting-in-place, living mulches, cover cropping, trap crops, and companion planting to maintain good soil health, while reducing the strain of weed and pest pressures.

For our jams and baked goods, we grow or locally source as many ingredients as possible. We only use real, fresh ingredients because we believe good food – REALLY good food – starts with the best ingredients. That means eggs from our own chickens, whole milk straight from our favorite dairy, fruits and vegetables right out of our own backyard, and meats (BACON!!!) from neighboring farms. The local food community has so much to offer…why would we ever want to eat out of a box or from some random factory farm 1,000 miles away?

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