Happy Hogs

Website: www.homeofhappyhogs.com

From conception to consumer, our happy hogs are naturally grown, raised by hand and Mother Nature. Our animals are free of antibiotics and steroids, and humanely handled resulting in the finest available fresh pork products. We believe that every animal should have a life of dignity and respect, and we strive to provide a stress-free, cage-free, hands-off environment for our animals to grow and thrive.

Double Hill Farms is located on the Flint River in Georgia’s Meriwether County. Our mission is to provide fresh, locally grown, premium pork products that were hand raised in a healthy, happy and humane environment.

Our animals are treated with respect and are allowed to roam, root and woller as they see fit. They have free access to on-site well water and vegetation from native plants, grasses, roots, and seasonal nuts and berries. We also rotate crops of grasses and grains which provide forage, soil rejuvenation and habitat enhancement. Of course the animals in our care have shelter available if they choose it and they are never confined to cages or kept away from natural sunlight.

We strive to keep our herd flourishing during all phases of the animal’s growth and life. We are committed to providing end-user products produced with as humane, healthy and considerate methods as possible. We always do our best to honor the animals who ultimately provide our nourishment.

Our complete line of pork products are state inspected and vacuum packed.

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