Farm at Liongate

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Arthur and Linda Jett – Married 53 years – Have lived in Zebulon for three years. We enjoy attempting to grow a vegetable garden and a limited quantity of herbs. We are learning as we “grow” – - and always welcome new ideas. At this time our garden consists of squash, potatoes, cabbage, okra, tomatoes, peppers, beans, cantaloupe, melon, cucumbers, onions, collards and sunflowers – all in limited quantities and when the plants offer up good crops.
We will be offering eggs from Black French Copper Maran Chickens – as soon as our Egg Candling Certificates are obtained in July. We also have a Blue Maran, Cookoo Maran and a Wheaton Maran.. Eggs offered by these chickens are a dark brown/medium brown(occasionally a few light brown and are the favorite of chefs with deep gold, very rich yolks. We will also, occasionally, offer fertile eggs when available
A few crafts will be offered – some seasonal – Bows, Wreaths and Memorial Vases and Saddles.
Pecans will also be sold – - when available.
We are listed as a “Conventional Grower” – - BUT – at this time – are using a natural pesticide – - We will only use a regular pesticide when absolutely necessary.- We prefer to make certain we do not mislead.

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