SunRidge Farms


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We are happy to sell the home-grown produce that we have enjoyed growing and serving to our family and friends for years! We tend our vegetables and herbs with lots of TLC because we love what we do and believe that the extra care given will produce the healthiest, most delicious produce! We do NOT use any chemical pesticides and incorporate generous amounts of organic fertilizer into the soil. The results are beautiful, healthy produce packed with flavor and nutrients!
SunRidge Farms also has a variety of egg-laying hens which are free range during the day. They have access to all the green grass and insects that they would naturally eat and also receive treats of fresh produce from the garden! Their eggs are beautiful blue, brown, white, and brown spotted and are refrigerated, candled, and washed.
In addition, we are breeding registered Katahdin sheep which will be available as breeding stock or lamb meat in the spring, 2019.

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