JJ Botanics

Website: www.JJBotanics.com

Infusing your Bath Body and Home with the Power of Nature!

We are bringing you products that you use everyday so why not get the healthiest version of them? No chemicals, Parabens, SLS. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so why not treat it to all pure natural care?

  • 10 different kinds of Natural chemical free Soap
  • Natural Chemical free Shower Gel
  • Natural chemical free Shampoo
  • “Bye Bye Bugs” All natural bug spray made with essential oils
  • “Ouch” salve to heal bug bites (in case you didn’t use the bug spray!)
  • “Soothe” slave for sore muscles.
  • “Joint-Tastic salve for achy joints and bones.
  • 100% pure Shea Butter
  • Chemical free all purpose cleaner.

Many of our products are 100% Organic all of them are all natural with NO synthetic chemicals,
Parabens, or SLS. We use the purest essential oils and organic or wild crafted herbs.

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