Terrace Micro Farms

We are two young people who raise chickens right outside of the Zebulon city limits. Our love for farming and poultry came several years ago, and now it has advanced to what it is today. There are around 250 chickens in our flock. They have a nice home where they have full access to grass all day and a safe coop to sleep in at night. The types of chickens we have include Marans, Buff Orpingtons, Araucanas, and White Rocks. Currently we have a variety of medium and large sized brown and green/blue eggs for sale to our community. In the next couple of months, as the pullets mature, we will also have eggs that include white and dark brown. Both of us hold egg candling certifications and each egg is washed, candled, weighed, and put in a carton to be refrigerated the day it is laid. We look forward to serving the Pike County community and working with the Wednesday Market.

Bob and Kelli

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